To Be Always in Vogue: Turkish Real Estate Market

Turkey undoubtedly continues to be one of the hot spots of real estate sales. In these circumstances, economists start to investigate whether this intense economic activity of the real estate market stems from local or foreign customers. When the customer profiles in the Turkish real estate sales are analyzed, it is revealed that both sides run against each other.

Top Cities to Buy a Property: İstanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, and Trabzon

According to the latest information obtained, the first five leading investment destinations in Turkey are İstanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, and Trabzon. These cities are in vogue mostly for foreign buyers with their natural beauties and advanced living standards, who generally come from Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. In the following, Russians and European customers show also a steady demand to buy properties in Turkey.

On the other side, local customers are in the search of real estates especially for a summer season in the districts of Antalya in addition to ones they own.

Buyers May Reach Easily Their Requests in the Turkish Market

When it is looked at general requests of both sides, the common one is obviously to buy a property with a quality assurance certificate and the best price.

Handling of all paperwork and other tasks by reliable real estate agents can be one of them. With the new constitutional amendment about acquiring citizenship in Turkey by purchasing investments worth $ 250,000 or more, citizenship turns into an extra opportunity for buyers. Especially foreign customers, who have trouble in their countries because of economic instability and internal conflicts, start to look for a permanent residence by applying for citizenship in Turkey.

The Easiest Way to Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

When it comes to Turkish citizenship, customers may think that it is a tough process, but with an experienced agent, it is not a big deal. For example, as Antalya Homes, we provide a viewing tour for the properties chosen according to your requests.

After signing the agreement and making a payment, you can receive your title deeds (TAPU). At the end of some legal procedures, you apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.

We provide legal support with our experienced company lawyers in Antalya Homes. All you have to do is to dream your future days in Turkey.

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